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Internationally known sterilizer and its biological indicator are cleared for domestic markets

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2014: Sterilucent, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN) announces that it has received clearance to market its flagship technology in the United States. The Sterilucent┬« PSD-85 Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer is a low-temperature vaporized hydrogen peroxide system designed for use in healthcare facilities that may be operating in austere environments, such as combat support hospitals and disaster response sites.

“We are very pleased to have completed the regulatory process and look forward to the opportunity to bring our innovative products to U. S. markets,” said Stephen Loes, Chief Operating Officer of Sterilucent. “The Sterilucent products deliver safe and effective surgical instrument sterilization with reduced operating and logistical costs. This is a significant benefit for our customers.”

The sterilizer’s specialized features include: a ruggedized design to limit damage due to transportation, low energy requirements, Lumen and Non-Lumen cycles to broaden the types of devices that can be processed, and the specific capability for processing moisture and heat-sensitive devices. In addition, its related consumable products are designed to have a long shelf life, and a line of sterility assurance consumables and processing accessories is available directly from Sterilucent to assure all the necessary elements for consistent, productive low-temperature sterilization.

About Sterilucent
Sterilucent Corporation applies environmentally sound technologies and proven science to develop innovative infection control products that contribute to improved public health and global wellbeing. The Company has developed a ruggedized sterilizer designed to be safely and easily transported and fully operational within hours. This unique technology and its related accessories will serve global healthcare providers in remote and austere environments. For more information, please visit