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Contact: Stephen Loes; 612.767.3276

Company will market unique hydrogen peroxide sterilizer in Europe and other international regions

MONDAY, MARCH 10, 2014: Sterilucent, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN), announces that on March 6, 2014 the CE mark was issued for the Sterilucent™ PSD-85 Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer and sterilant.* This innovative low-temperature sterilization solution was recently exhibited at the MEDICA Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, and generated significant interest from attendees.

“With the CE mark, we are now ready to move forward with marketing and selling our product internationally,” said Stephen Loes, chief operating officer of Sterilucent. “We are actively working to secure distribution partners in Europe and other international markets that accept the CE mark.”

The Sterilucent PSD-85 sterilizer is a ruggedized low-temperature vaporized hydrogen peroxide system designed specifically for use at civilian and military facilities in austere environments, such as combat support hospitals, world health organization clinics, and emergency response units. This innovative system is designed to be easily and safely transported, and is highly effective, efficient and safe for patients, staff, and most reusable medical devices, when used as directed.

The specialized features that make the Sterilucent system ideal for austere environments are: a ruggedized design that limits damage due to transportation; expanded environmental operating conditions; low energy requirements; Lumen and Non-Lumen cycles to broaden the types of devices that can be processed; a long shelf life for the system’s related consumable products; and the specific ability to process moisture and heat-sensitive devices. In addition, Sterilucent offers a full line of sterility assurance consumables and processing accessories to help assure that all necessary components are available to users for consistent, productive low-temperature sterilization.

About Sterilucent

Sterilucent Corporation applies environmentally sound technologies and proven science to develop innovative infection control products that contribute to improved public health and global wellbeing. The Company has developed a ruggedized sterilizer* designed to be safely and easily transported and fully operational within hours. This unique technology and its related accessories will serve global healthcare providers in remote and austere environments. For more information, please visit