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Mobile Emergency RoomMilitary Combat Support Hospitals

The Sterilucentâ„¢ PSD-85 Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer was specifically designed with the requirements for U. S. Military combat support hospitals (CSH) in mind. The PSD-85 sterilizer is the latest innovation in sterilization for CSH and represents a significant advancement over the M-138 “Big Bertha” steam sterilizer. The PSD-85 Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer offers some key capabilities important for these austere environments, including:

  • Requires significantly lower energy consumption: the peak electrical demand of the PSD-85 is 1650 watts; similar to that required by a hand-held hair dryer. This represents an 80% reduction in energy consumption over the current sterilizers used in the field.
  • Is safely transportable and ready for use as soon as it is deployed and operation is verified: the PSD-85 sterilizer meets MIL-STD-810 specification requirements for transportation and environmental performance, making it the only low temperature sterilizer suitable for CSH.
  • Increases CSH surgical capabilities: this low-temperature hydrogen peroxide sterilization process is compatible with many temperature and moisture-sensitive surgical and procedural devices that have not typically been usable in CSH. This increases the types of surgical instruments, and therefore the types of life saving procedures, that can potentially be applied in field-based health care facilities.
  • Increases surgical productivity: the PSD-85 system has faster cycle times than existing field-based sterilizers, resulting in the potential for greater processing productivity. The ability to return instrument sets back to device inventory faster helps increase CSH surgical productivity.
  • A complete, sterility assurance and accessory package designed and validated specifically for use with the PSD-85 sterilizer and available directly from the sterilizer manufacturer. Sterilucent offers a full line of accessories for use with the PSD-85 system, including a complete sterile processing packaging/container offering and a comprehensive line of sterility assurance products.

Military health care providers around the world are on a mission to save lives and protect the health of personnel deployed and to provide support for local population. Sterilucent helps support this mission with ruggedized, reliable, verifiable low-temperature sterilization capabilities to help advance CSH procedures and productivity anywhere they are needed.