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PSD-85 Sterilizer

Sterilucent™ PSD-85 Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer

The Sterilucent™ PSD-85 Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer was specifically designed to operate in austere environments where medical care is urgently needed. The PSD-85 sterilizer is the latest innovation in sterilization represents a significant advancement over steam sterilization. It offers some key capabilities important for austere environments, including:

The PSD–85 Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer was designed to support the brave and dedicated Health Care Providers in the military, First Responders to disasters, and church organizations providing healthcare aid around the world in austere environments.

Sterilucent PSD-85 Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer Quick Facts:

  • Sterilant is hydrogen peroxide; 59% concentration
  • Low-temperature process; 55°C
  • System has an 85-liter chamber
  • Power requirements: 110 or 220VAC, 50-60hz, single phase
  • Two cycles: Lumen and non-lumen